UNIDACH - lightweight roofing

unidach_newUNIDACH - Can be installed in combination with a reasonable price, you also will find use for roofs in mountain areas. The low weight (less as 5 kg / m2) is not overloaded roof chevrons despite of in winter months is a problem with heavy snow.
Profile, dimensions and surface ensure: - simple handling and manipulation, installation, long life and minimal maintenance costs - an excellent ratio of utilization vs price.
Its advantage is that it does not need to fit the lathing. It can be used for previous roofs lathing such as the eternite, and so on.
UNIDACH is determinated for creation of the lightweight roofs with a slope at least 15°. The product can be incorporated only in accordance with the intended use. It hasn´t be installed a damaged product causing corrosion of steel. It is necessary to consider the possibility of contact corrosion with other materials (during installation).
Product Use:
  • Protective shelters
  • Shelters buildings
  • Car Shelters
  • Roofs for supermarket trolleys
  • Shelters for bicycles
  • Parking spots
  • Garden sheds and pergolas
  • Roof and porch
Material: double-sided galvanized steel coated polyester 20/5/7/0
Nominal thickness: 0.4 mm sheet steel
SIZE: 1175x2000mm
Effective width: 1134 mm width cover
Basis weight: about 4.0 kg / m2
Slope: 12 °
Color: brown, reddish brown