Roof installation:
Before the installation of the UNIDACH is necessary to adjust the lathering span according to projects, which specify the distance and measurements of lathering. The distance of the first lath from the edging head lath is 30 mm – 50 mm. In case that we do not use gutter edging is necessary to eject the sheet approximately into the centre of gutter. By reason of air humidity we suggest using of safety hydro insulation – under-roof foil. It is essential to use this foil at heat insulated timber. The safety hydro insulation is necessary to stretch to the gutter edging or directly to the channel of the gutter system. On the foil are nailed the cross laths lengthwise of the beams and then only the lathing. Attention: it is necessary to install the gutter hooks first / in case they will not be mounted to the front board/ and skylights according to install instructions supplied by producer.

Before the installation of individual sheets is necessary to install the roof accessories as are for example: gutter edging, leeward cornice under the roof or valleys. We stretch the bands of roof to the roof beam over the wooden laths, eventually over the cylinders. We start to install from the belt right bottom, which lower edge has to be parallel to the gutter. The construction is nailed only with screws. The metal sheet can be fixed into the lower tie band that is in contact with roof lath, never on the wave. It is allowed to walk on the metal sheet only in the shoes with soft sole. It is allowed to walk only in wave’s valley places where are the laths placed. The protection foil must be removed from the product, respectively from the cladding immediately after the installation.

Anchoring of the roof:
Roof is fixed on the structure by self-drilling screws with sealing pad with special rubber EPDM with dimensions of 4.8 x 35 mm. The screws must be tightened by electric screwdriver with stepless power. The screw is securely tightened when EPDM pad "climbs" (come out) from the metal pad. Average consumption of screws is 6-9 pieces per m2. The screw is placed about 2 cm below the overpress into the valley. At the edge of the roof must be anchoring denser - Fig. At the ridge of the roof it has to be anchoring to the bottom of each wave. On the joints sheet - sheet is used self-tapping screws with dimensions of 4.8 x 20 mm. The longitudinal overlap is appropriate to screw covering about 2 cm below the overpress over the top of the wave.
UNIDACH - Odvetranie strechy
Roof ventilation:
Very important is the quality of roof ventilation. On the ridge is left gap between covering a width of about 11 cm, which is covered with a universal ventilation band. Roof is then ventilated through the openings between the ridge tile and roof. The ridge tiles are screwed into the roof every other upper wave. After anchoring the roof and ridge tiles we should install other accessories.