SYMETRA15 - lightweight roofing

SYMETRA - strešná krytina MASLEN
SYMETRA15 is the steel sheet produced by cold forming into a symmetrical shape with lateral overhangs. New shape acts on the massive roof. The module of one tile is 350 with a wave height of 20 mm and a height of the embossment 15 mm. Symetra is determined as lightweight roof with a roof slope at least 14 ° to the cross joints, or a roof slope of 12° without cross-joints. Lathing center distance is 350 mm. Initial thickness is 0.5 mm and a length is 350 mm and a height of wave 20 mm.
It comes in lengths of the bands from 850 mm to 6000 mm. For production use, the Zn layer sheet 200-275 g/m2 polyester-passivation of a total thickness 25 microns from the top side. The matt finish 35 microns and design HB50MAT to 50 microns. It comes in a wide range of colors. Entrance width of the sheet is 1250 mm. MASLEN company used in SYMETRA only plate coated with ZN 275 g / m2 and more - inspite of the fact that the standard minimum is 200 g / m2. ZN layer thickness is very important to obtain the best possible life coverings.


Total width

Effective width

Material thickness

Production length


Surface weight

1220 mm

1150 mm

0,5 mm

from 0,82 m

od 12°

cca 4,7 kg/m2

The roofs ŠKRIDPLECH, Vega, GAPA and Symetra laying plan based on customer requirements, supplied drawings and try to kept a minimum waste. Using of roof sheets is for their benefits very wide. It is suitable to cover new buildings and reconstruction of old roofs of all types of objects.
  • low weight
  • Easy and fast installations
  • lathing a span of 350 mm
  • wide choice of colors
  • low price
  • Multiple corrosion protection
  • Short delivery time
  • Production of Materials for peace
  • free copy of instruments of incorporation plan
  • long life