The anti-condensation foil DRIPSTOP

Anti-condensation foil DRIPSTOP is made of myriad of connected PES fibers.
Among these fibers, there are small compartments, the purpose is to contain a condensate up to such time as the heating of the outer re-evaporates back into the room (about 500 g / m2 for 6 hours).

Function of whole cycle properly, the film needs to be drying during the day. Therefore, the building needed to ensure adequate ventilation.

Adhesion DRIPSTOP the trapezoid sheet provides special water-resistant adhesive. Its structure and properties are not affected by time.
  • No more dripping from the open roof of the indoor space
  • Durability - DRIPSTOP is resistant to tearing and abrasion and do not destroy conventional insulation
  • Easy to clean (with a hose or pressure washer)
  • Flammability A2 - s1, d0 (EN 13501/1)
  • Resistance to bacteria
  • Improving the acoustics of buildings (reduces the echo)
  • Reduction of noise when it rains: -3dB
  • Water absorption: 700-900 g / m3
Chemical resistance:
  • it is resistant to most chemicals
  • Should not come in contact with any solvent, greases
How to prevent capillarity
To avoid formation of kapilarty is important to not give DRIPSTOP where the sheets overlap each other.
In the longitudinal joints are this problem solved: The film is anti-condensation and the width of a few centimeters narrower the sheet.
However, more attention should be paid to sites where the sheets cross each other and where the water is drained from the roof into the gutters.
In the case of transverse overlap even be modified last 5-10 cm film, and if the overhang of the eaves just adjusted by approximately 5 cm.




Mounting trapezoidal sheets
with anti-condensation
foil can only make Plumber,
who is trained and knows
all procedures and treatments of sheets
for placement on construction

Anti-condensation foil DRIPSTOP is applied to the inside spaces on the metal sheets and its purpose is to prevent condensation in the interior of the building.
It is mainly used in non-insulated warehouse where the external changes forms condensation.
Furthermore, this type is most common in agricultural buildings where, due to the high concentration of moisture from the animals.
It is used everywhere where condesation from the ceiling caused a problem.
The joint is permanent in nature. DRIPSTOP material can be not removed and re-glued.
If DRIPSTOP used in stables or barns, it is recommended to wash at least once a year, antifungal agent. When fitting coverings must be removed phenomenon of capillary.