Trapezoid T35 - Roofing and Facade Profile

Trapezoidal sheets are produced on new modern technological lines, with the high accuracy and speed processing. A thorough inspection of the entire production process, guarantee quality of supplied sheets. Steel trapezoidal profiles are produced by cold forming of surface-treated steel sheet.
For trapezoidal sheet is recommended roof slope of 8 degrees.
Used materials:
  • Galvanized steel sheets of different grades of zinc coat from 200 g / m2
  • Lako-plastic metal sheet made from a steel,  sheet metal hot dip galvanized on both sides, zinc coating at least 200 g / m2, passivation, protective paint thickness min. 7 microns.
  • Lako final layer consists of a plastic-coating on polyester basis, width min. 25 mic.
  • Durability of the treated sheets, under normal conditions min. 40 years.
Trapezoidal sheets can be made of aluminum, copper, titanium-zinc sheets and the other materials determined by the agreement.
The profile height in this kind of trapezoidal sheet is 35 mm. It is manufactured as a roof and a facade profile. For this profile, we also have translucent models. These are in a standard length of 6 m. T-35 of larger thickness is applicable for creating permanent formwork.


Total width Effective width Material thickness Production length
1075 mm 1035 mm from 0,50 mm from 0,5 m
    to 1,0 mm do 12 m