Trapezoid T50 - Structural and Support Profile

Trapezoidal sheets are produced on new modern technological lines, with the high accuracy and speed processing. A thorough inspection of the entire production process, guarantee quality of supplied sheets. Steel trapezoidal profiles are produced by cold forming of surface-treated steel sheet.
For trapezoidal sheet is recommended roof slope of 8 degrees.
Used materials:
  • Galvanized steel sheets of different grades of zinc coat from 200 g / m2
  • Lako-plastic metal sheet made from a steel,  sheet metal hot dip galvanized on both sides, zinc coating at least 200 g / m2, passivation, protective paint thickness min. 7 microns.
  • Lako final layer consists of a plastic-coating on polyester basis, width min. 25 mic.
  • Durability of the treated sheets, under normal conditions min. 40 years.
Trapezoidal sheets can be made of aluminum, copper, titanium-zinc sheets and the other materials determined by the agreement.
Trapezoidal profile T 50 is the first of series called bearing construction profiles.T 50 is also used as a roof profile especially at the lower slopes. Resistance of the higher roof waves and sufficient strength against weathering, can find wide utilization in the construction industry.


Total width Effective width Material thickness Production length
1085 mm 1040 mm from 0,50 mm from 0,5 m
    to 1,25 mm to 12 m