Guttering system MASLEN - description

ODKVAPOVÝ SYSTÉM MASLENThe guttering system Maslen is high-quality leakage system with excellent multiplex anticorrosive treatment. This system excels at easy installation, attractive look and long life-cycle with minimum costs. In spite of its quality is the leakage system offered in extremely favorable prices. Colored variant made of zinc-coated metal sheet with the surface treatment in thickness of 100 µm is fabricated in modern technological factory with the precise inspection of the entire production process.

An input material is hot zinc-coated  metal sheet of quality D 54 with the zinc-coating (275 g/m2) and further surface treatments such as passivation, undercoat and plastic insulation of thickness 100 µm (double-ended). This metal sheet is delivered by prestige Swedish producer.

There is also our offer the leakage system made of aluminium-zinc metal sheet. ALU-ZINC is metal sheet with the steel core, which is from both sides coating with ALUZINC in total weight of 185 g/m2, which is exceptionally resistant to atmospheric exposure. This layer of metallic coat contains 55% of aluminium, 43,4% of zinc and 1,6% of silica. Moreover, the metal sheet is covered with the next layer of SPT varnish. This layer creates on the surface a unique decoration of silver flower. It combines the protective properties of zinc and stability of aluminium. In spite of high quality of used material is the price of the final product extremely favorable and practically comes close to the price of leakage system made of zinc-coated sheet metal.

The next offered system is made of aluminium-zinc coated metal sheet with the surface treatment by polyurethane polishes. Presented system offers an additional enhancement of an anticorrosive protection and moreover it can be delivered in any RAL hue according to the customer’s needs in short delivery time.