Technological line for longitudinal and transversal separation is align of  the metal sheets from 0,4 mm to 3 mm of nominal depth and width of 1500 mm.

Separation line properties of  the metal sheets, cutting sheets into the panels and plying of sheet metal coils. Occasionaly we are offering a 30% DISCOUNT on separations from the book prices of zinc-coated, aluminium-zinc-coated and lacquer-plastic metal sheets. If the customers take more over 100 m2.

Input material:
  • Width: min. 100 mm, max. 1500 mm
  • Thickness: 0,40 - 3,00 mm
  • Inside diameter: 500 mm, 600 mm
  • External diameter: max. 1300 mm
  • Maximum weight of coil: 10000 kg

  • Width: 60 - 700 mm
  • Number of strips: 6 stripes without trim
  • 5 stripes with one side trim
  • 4 stripes with two side trims
  • Inside diameter: 500 mm
  • External diameter: max. 1300 mm
  • Weight of bundle (packing on vertical axis): 1000 kg (on the cylinders with the interim timber)
  • Weight of bundle (packing on horizontal axis): 5000 kg (on the wooden pallet)
  • Parameter of the sheet metal: Up to 1500x3000 mm (±0,5 mm)

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