Backlit profiles - Maslen

presvetlovací profil maslen

Backlit profiles:

  • Fiberglass profiles T18, T35, T50
  • Polycarbonate profiles T18, T35, T50


Transparent trapezoidal profiles ELYPLAST deal with illumination Roof and wall constructions especially in combination with matching steel trapezoidal profiles. A common combination is guaranteed a perfect illumination of long-term stability of the light-permeable. Transilumination ELYPLAST profiles are delivered in a minimum thickness of 1 mm, each with UV protection with high glass fiber. These factors guarantee high load-bearing capacity. Profiles are supplied with UV protection MELINEX or GELCOAT, which increase the life cycle.


They are profiled polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer with excellent mechanical and physical properties. Sheets are supplied in standard thickness of 1.0 mm and lengths of 6.0 m (T18 and T35). They have a high percentage of light transmittance and resistance to hailing (heat resistance is from - 40 to + 140 C).

  • hardness, low weight and excellent light transmission
  • they are an ideal material for construction of industrial roofs, greenhouses, pergolas and so on.
  • they are suitable for illumination of roofs and un-insulated spaces