TOPDACH - lightweight roofing

TOPDACH - is universal roof, economical also for demanding customers. It features with a classic shape and 3-D cut ensures maximum yield while creating aesthetic ending of sheet. It easily fits to any environment.
Handling and installation is pretty simple. It does not require special tools or knowledge. These are all items that reduce the cost of construction. The material does not need special treatment and virtually no maintenance. Metal roofs is suitable for new roof and reconstruction, because not burden the roof and can be used also in mountain areas. On the surface, it does not attach to mosses, lichens, or leaves.
Profile, dimensions and surface ensures: - simple handling and installation - long life and minimal maintenance costs - an excellent ratio of utilization vs price.
Topdach is intended for creation of lightweight roofs with a roof slope at least 15° and axial distance of lathing 350 mm.
  • double-sided galvanized steel coated polyester 20/5/7/0
  • Nominal thickness: 0.4 mm steel sheet
  • SIZE: 1220x2210mm
  • Effective width: 1150 mm
  • Production length: 2210 mm
  • Basic weight: about 4.0 kg / m2
  • Slope: 12 °
  • Color: brown, reddish brown
The product can be incorporated only in accordance with the intended use. It hasn´t be installed a damaged product causing corrosion of steel. It is necessary to consider the possibility of contact corrosion with other materials (during installation).